The Ribbon Cutter

Hello, friends!

After weeks of designing background and header elements, drafting blurbs of copy and fighting with technology to make it all fit together, General Overachiever is officially live. If you're reading this, you're reading (what I hope to be) the beginning of a continual piece of...well, art, in a way. A growing, ever-changing space for self reflection and conversation. A place to ask questions and potentially hear your answers. And, most likely, a receptacle for far too many photos of a furry little Monster.

What? I didn't just chew through the wire on your phone charger. No way.

It's also a place in which I hope to share with you, dear friends, the things that inspire me. That fascinate me. That make me say "Wow, I need to make those exact Cajun Chickpea Cakes RIGHT NOW" (they were deliciously spicy--even the carnivorous unRonic approved).

So, under the pretense of sharing some inspiration and conversation in the future, thank you for reading. Thanks for your time--I know you probably have better things to do with it--and thanks for your company. And if you happen to see something here that does look particularly interesting or out of the ordinary, feel free to pass it on. Dance to the song. Share the recipe. And let your friends know if it was awesome.

Happy Saturday.

PS -- Out of genuine curiosity: when you come across a blog that you haven't seen before, what makes you keep reading? What is it that prompts you to come back later for more? On the contrary, what makes you scramble like a madman for the big red X on your browser window?


  1. Photography. Photography is the number one thing that will draw me into a post, and entice me to want more. Well done photography can get me started reading and give me the desire to check back to a blog for inspiration. The first two sentences can tell me a lot about a post, and particularly if it is a long post that is not broken up by images, typography, or interesting writing I will hit the X.

  2. Totally with you on the text-broken-up-by-images thing. When I'm reading blogs, I'm essentially skimming. Huge chunks of text are way too intimidating/overwhelming!

  3. Simple design, big photos, engaging posts and fuzzy animals. All an instant win. :)

  4. Halley -- I guess I'm on the right track! Thanks for the help :)

    Lisha -- Hey! Do you have a blog?!

  5. I agree with everyone else too - good photos, not too much writing, not to omnay twiddly flashing bits on the layout... and I like blogs written by people living interesting lives :)

  6. Sooz, I'd count eco-friendly escapades and caring for a Giant African Land Snail as a pretty interesting life ;) Thumbs up.

  7. Looks like you are off to a great start :)

    I would say the most important thing for me is consistently interesting content - something I have trouble with myself! haha


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