As someone whose array of interests is almost as wide as the gaps between Louisiana, Kansas and New Jersey, I have trouble confining myself (and my blog) to one passion. You could follow my business card's lead and call me a college radio promoter, or you could dig up my degree and refer to me as a student of graphics and design. I'd also fit the bill of part-time photographer. Or clever copywriter. Or magazine editor, or vegetarian and amateur foodie.

You could identify me by my appreciation for genuine creativity and hard work, or label me for my love of travel. You could probably pigeonhole me based on the books I read, the wine I buy or the consistently temporary residences that I call home.

But choosing just one of these categories would mean downgrading from a colorful panoramic view to, well, what I'd assume to be pretty unsatisfactory tunnel vision.

As stated so very eloquently by Sarah Von over at Yes and Yes, “I lack the attention span to limit myself to one topic.” So rather than focus on a single activity, I’ll just continue to be a General Overachiever. This blog is a collection of the things that inspire, nourish, fascinate and humble me. Hopefully there's something here that will do the same for you.

On that note, I think we’re all General Overachievers to some extent. After all, you know that you’re more than the slacks and tie you wear to work. Aren’t you also a Thrift Store Enthusiast, a Comic Book Expert or a Weekend Grill Master?

If so, let’s talk Overachieving. Nothing quite beats a good conversation. We can be friends on twitter, or you can email me at clairesuellentrop (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you want to know even more (you should really get a life!), you can find some of my current and past work on any of the sites below.

Cannoli Pie: Online lit-and-culture magazine (Design & Copy Editor, Web Manager 2010-present)
The Aquarian: NJ-based print and online music magazine (Staff Writer, 2011)
Verb ICT: Wichita, KS-based lifestyle website (Staff Writer, 2010)
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