Movie Reflections

Before I begin, let it be known that I am cinematically challenged. I do not own a Netflix account, I haven't paid for a movie ticket in years and the TV in my apartment is not even currently plugged in. Taking something valuable from a ridiculous comedy, therefore, is all the more hilarious.

I was in major need of some de-stressing this weekend, so I watched Bridesmaids for the second time. And remembered why I loved it all over again.

Remember this character?

Megan. Yeah. She and I have next to nothing in common. But in the end, she's undoubtedly my favorite of the ragtag bunch, all because of the scene on Annie's couch.

"Now you're gonna stop feeling sorry for yourself, okay?" she says after almost knocking Annie out. "'Cause I do not associate with people who blame the world for their problems. You are your problem, Annie. And you're also your solution."

And then the neighbors outside probably jumped in surprise as I shouted in happiness and agreement.

No one is going to make your life any better but you. Running away from or avoiding issues fixes nothing. Escape is impossible. You can only make improvements when you get the hell off your couch, wash your hair and actually address the situation. It won't be until you sort through all the shit that you'll reach the Awesome.

And by awesome, I mean buying 18-wheelers just because you can.


  1. Sometimes I think that you can read my mind. Whenever I read your blog I feel like you say exactly what I need to hear. You. Are. Awesome.

    Miss and love you:)

  2. Megan is awesome. I really liked that movie and probably because there was a character like Megan in it.
    Hope you have a good stress free week xx

  3. Thanks so much, Angeliki :) I think what surprised me most about Bridesmaids was that it had some very valuable scenes and characters (especially Megan) instead of just two hours of nonsense, which is what I'd expected when I first watched it. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a movie like that?

  4. AHHHH, I too, loved that part of the movie best. Life often bites me on the butt.


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