Thursday: Things That Rock

1. Camping on Cape Cod. I can still hear the waves.

2. We Heart It: interesting site in general, but this photo in particular captured my attention.

3. I'd personally go for real watermelon, but a Rice Krispy imitation is quite applause-worthy.

4. For all you glossophiliacs out there.

5. Strawberries. That are on FIRE.

6. I've already sworn off buying postcards; now I can do the same with envelopes!

7. Guerilla advertising. Gets me every time.

8. This outlook on balance is both down-to-earth and beautiful. Perfect.

9. This week, the Oxford Comma was deemed no longer necessary by Oxford itself. Please note, listening to the famous Vampire Weekend song that addresses this subject is necessary while reading up on the development.

10. A little bit sweet, a little bit sad. Dear Photograph is the definition of "poignant."

What awesomeness have you come across this week?


  1. Re: #9 - That's a little sad. I kind of liked the Oxford comma, even though it's useless and probably the root of all my comma splices lol.

  2. I've always had an affection for it, too. Didn't start leaving it out of my sentences until American Journalism last year when I got sick of points being taken off my articles. The end of a punctuation era. All Grammar Nerds, please gather for a moment of silence.

  3. You can pry the Oxford Comma from my cold dead hands.


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