Subscribing to Silly Trends

It's Saturday. I'm busy. You're busy. Let's keep this simple, my friends, and then focus on what's important.

This is such a crappy photo. It was probably a mistake, an error headed straight for the trash can before the photographer remembered that overlaying crappy photos with simple Helvetica sayings is, like, so hot right now.

But I can't lie--it's still inspiring.

What are you doing more of lately? What makes you proud these days?


  1. You're right about the photo - but its still nice in my opinion!

    I'm trying to stop being so lazy and take advantage of my day. Whether its exercising, or going outside, I just feel so much better than if I were to sit on my ass and watch TV!

  2. So true. I feel like such a slug when I look at the clock and realize I just spent two hours wandering around on the internet!


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