Thursday: Things That Rock

1. Visiting a new consignment shop (oxymoron?) and discovering that the latest issue of your magazine shares its name with an elementary school textbook from the nineties. Did you plan this, unRonic?

2. The Indie ABC's playlist. I'm currently on M and have enjoyed 13 songs' worth of total bliss.

3. 30 Days of Lists. Don't know about you, but this chronic list-maker is pumped. Artwork through organization, people.

4. Why yes, these will be hanging all over my next apartment, thank you for asking.

5. Yesterday, I took inspiration from Julien Smith and wrote about being Fucking Awesome. But he probably said it better.

A fun-filled weekend approaches, friends! There will most likely be little to no time for sleep. What's on your plate for the next few days?


  1. I love those book mobiles, so beautiful! And how cool about "donut peaches"! That is genius!

    Hope you have a lovely thursday!

  2. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I'm an overachiever in the way you define it. I've already joined your club :)


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