Thursday: Things That Rock

1. Finally being home. And reading a poem about it.

2. Saving the world by painting rooftops white.

3. I get teased frequently about often I eat lentils. So what? They're super healthy, mega-cheap and can be tucked into pretty much everything. Including shampoo.

4. Andie's enchiladas: did someone say fiesta?

5. Kanrocksas. This state knows how to party.

6. Intriguing and beautiful cross between still photography and animation.

7. A tribute to all socks that have lost a buddy. I definitely have a few to contribute.

8. Thanks, Artist Mother Teacher, for the encouragement. These words are so reassuring.


  1. What excellent advice, Ira Glass!

  2. Thanks for posting this quote from Ira Glass, sometimes you get stuck into a routine and you begin to loose hope. Well this just gave me all of my hope and aspirations back! Thanks. Also those photo/illustrations really do rock!

  3. Love this quote by him. If you have the time, watch the interview that this quote comes from. It's super inspiring. Whenever I feel like a shit writer/reporter, I think of this quote and the "tortilla" example he talks about.

  4. @Lisha, do you know where I could find that interview? I've been hunting all around the internet and have so far been unsuccessful :(


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