Tuesday Tunes & Continuing the Creative Discussion

Okay, guys. This is shaping up to be a pretty epic week, which you'll learn more about tomorrow. In the meantime, let's get PUMPED. Although The Decemberists' album Hazards of Love beats out their newer The King is Dead in my book, "This Is Why We Fight" is more in tune (no pun intended) with life lately.

The feedback received on Sunday's Questions for Creatives was, to keep it short, awesome. Many thanks to Flight of The Tumblebee, Design MorselsAcquired Tastes and Add To The Heap. You each brought some great insight to the table that was definitely worth getting excited about. I'm full to bursting with creative mojo; hopefully you ladies were able to gain something as well from the introspection!

*Raises wine glass in cheers to empathy and collaboration*

To add just a few more thoughts to our discussion, here are the steps I've taken this week to keep my energies focused:
  • Creating individual folders for all of my current projects in Google Docs. Now wherever I am--Midwest, East Coast, office, apartment--I can upload progress and bits of inspiration on the spot. No need for a digital folder on my laptop, a physical one on my nightstand, etc. It's all. In. One. Place.
  • Consolidating my random, sporadic lists inside a single planner. Because lists aren't helpful when they're lost.
  • This last one I haven't finished yet, but am making progress: identifying each of the projects on my plate, focusing in on those that rank high in importance, then scrapping the rest. Once that's finished, I'll set some deadlines to ensure that they don't fizzle out or drag on past their time.

Go Go Gadget Organization! Whew.

More relaxing activities this week include baking Irish soda bread and mapping out upcoming adventures. Some with this guy:

Sandy fingernails.

And a few with this girl:
Shoes optional. Always.


  1. I love love love the decemberists. Their video does not disappoint!

  2. ps. how do i follow your blog?!

  3. *Gasp!*

    I normally use the "subscribe" button when I want to keep reading someone's blog, so I didn't even realize the Follow button wasn't on my sidebar. Thanks so much for bringing that up! Will get right on it!


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