Thursday: Things That Rock

1. This dissertation on affection provides a much-needed smack of reality every time I read it. Complete with humor and fried chicken.

2. Doesn't golden beet and ginger soup sound like some magical concoction from a children's storybook?

3. Speaking of storybooks, these monsters are, quite surprisingly, for sale. Make that reason No. 5 to move to Colorado.

4. No summer treat quites beat good ol' ice cream. And Meghan at Design Morsels has spotted the quirkiest cartons.

5. Sometimes the best and only gift you can give is a gigantic, totally enveloping, I'm-here-for-you hug.

Not to rain on the link parade, but there are some stormy skies on the home front these days. Any positive thoughts you could direct to Wichita, Kansas would be appreciated to the nth degree, dear friends. A very beautiful mother/sister/friend is waiting for them in a hospital room. I send eternal thanks your way.


  1. All the best to your loved one Claire. They're in my thoughts and well-wishes. X Halley

  2. Internet hugs. Thinking of you.

  3. Oh that picture is just perfect.
    I'm sending healing thoughts and happy wishes to you and yours x


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