What happened, pt. I

Upon revving up this project once again, it occurred to me that all who currently read it (THANK YOU, YOU GUYS!) may not know exactly why I stopped writing in the first place. That said, the next few posts will center around what led me to disappear and why it took me so long to get back in the game.


Once upon a time, I had a big chunk of spare time sitting happily on the horizon. I also had some grandiose travel plans with which to fill those gloriously empty approaching months. With every intention of graduating from college a semester early and doing something awesome with my freedom, I made countless packing lists and kept myself encouraged with homemade chana masala and the stories of those who'd gone before me.

I was doing everything I could to prepare--saving up the funds through five (five!) part-time jobs, booking plane and train tickets, learning Hindi bit by bit through free online (read: ghetto) resources. I was excited to leave, exhausted by the school/workload and ready for a big motherfucking change.

And then, halfway through October, I attended the CMJ Music Marathon. And was recognized for the work I was doing at WSOU.

And then, yes. Shit did change.

Gratitude list 07.09
  1. I have a job that constantly exposes me to new artists and beautiful, moving music.
  2. My new shoes click when I walk on pavement and make me sound like a legit adult (whatever that is).
  3. The weather had cooled enough for dinner on the stoop while the sun set tonight.
  4. When combined in a blender with a little ice and milk, strawberries and peanut butter taste eerily like Cap'n Crunch.
  5. I have a tentative 6 a.m. date with a swimming pool.


  1. Retrospectives like these are always fun for me to read, and yours put a big smile on my face just because it's a happy life transition. I always appreciate seeing the happy life transitions, because when you compare yours to how mine went....well, let's just say that I think more people deserve to have transitions like yours, instead of how mine was. =)

  2. Glad to see you blogging again!

  3. Chris -- That's so appreciated, dude. I'm really sorry to hear yours wasn't exactly full of sunshine. Would love to hear how you're doing these days.

    Laurie -- Thanks so much! Long time no talk, eh? I've missed your writing. Been busy lately?

  4. Wow! I can't even imagine how amazing that must have been.

  5. Erin -- That shit, by all technical terms, was indeed cray.


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