Thursday: Things That Rock

1. Homemade soda bread. Baking it. And then eating it all.

Hello, beloved carbohydrates.

2. This article on America's crazy Wedding Industrial Complex.

3. I love Nailah's conviction on the power of decision making. "Flip-floppers rarely make history. Indecisive folks are not memorable."

4. The Buying Flow Chart from And Then She Saved convinced me to skip a silly purchase and hold on to my hard-earned 50 bucks. Sweet!

5. Two words: peach butter. I am drooling all over this keyboard.


  1. I've never had soda bread but I've heard a whole lotta people raving about it.
    Might be time to find a recipe...

  2. Here's the one I use: http://bit.ly/o9fjCG My version is a bit of a riff (I'm not vegan), but it works all the same :) Slice up the loaf, seal in a bag, toss in the fridge and you have a perfect snack for the next few weeks.

  3. Ooh perfect! Thanks. We've got a cooking adventure this weekend. I may just bust this out.

    And my exciting news is...coming! Trust me, I'm as impatient as you!


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