A Much-Needed Kick In the Pants

I discovered one of my all-time favorite quotes, though it's actually very old, just last summer. It was on this awesome lady's website. And here it is:

So clear, so simple. So perfect.

Trouble is, I haven't been following this advice lately. 
I've been lazy.
Generally disengaged from what I'm doing.

I don't want to be or seem to be any of those things. Something's gotta change.
Time to get my ass in gear.

How do you wish to seem? What stops you from being that way?


  1. Time management is my biggest road block. So often I have a paper planned, amazing amounts of research, all the makings of a publish worthy work and then I wait until the last minute to actually put it all together and it suffers from a simple lack of editing.

    Get on it, girl! Overachieve with the best of them!!

  2. I wish I was a cool, calm, zen type of person. I have yet to figure out not to be a super-stresser.


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