Not-Monster Monday

"It's just a thing. And we're not our things."

This was unRonic's quote of the evening, his much, much-needed reminder to me after the loss of one of the few material possessions I truly cherish.

My bright green, noise-cancelling, super-awesome, old-school monitor stereo headphones.

I've had them for three years and it's been a relationship of pure, unadulterated love. I mean, just look at those curves. Beautiful.

They've kept me company on innumerable plane, train and subway rides. They've joined me every step of the way as I've moved up the radio ranks from Assistant Producer to Newscaster to DJ. They've served as conversation starters. De-stressers. Just a pair of good old friends.

And now, thanks to the sharp teeth and never-ending curiosity of this guy, they have met their demise. Their cord is now in not one, but four pieces.

I've never been so angry at an animal.
But unRonic had a point--losing something I so highly valued is an excellent, if unwanted, lesson in my journey toward minimalism.

No Monster photo today, the little bastard. Instead hop on over to Flight of the Tumblebee for a discussion on creativity with yours truly. I was super-flattered to be featured in Laurie's interview series, as her posts are a fantastic source of inspiration and brain food. Let's show the girl some love, shall we?


  1. Ah! I have those *EXACT* same headphones! That is a true tragedy. And, I thought I was mad when my little brother stole them for a month without telling...

  2. Have you tried re-wiring them? Mr.C does it for a lot of things but I'm not sure if headphones are do-able.

  3. @Halley, I haven't tried re-wiring them yet. They're pretty mangled, and the outlook doesn't appear too hopeful. But Stephen is going to give it a shot. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Otherwise...all things come and go, right?

  4. Awwwwww :( That makes me sad. I hope Stephen can fix them!


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