30 day song challenge: Day 10

A song that makes you cry.

You know, there really is no reason to share a song that makes me cry. 
What good does that do?
What excitement does that spread?

I'm officially skipping Day 10 of the song challenge.

A few thoughts that do make me cry, though:

The thought of not being smart enough,
focused enough,
or driven enough
to someday be my own boss.

The thought of stagnation.

The thought of making the effort to strike out on my own
possibly followed by a few repeated attempts
and having to face the fact that I'm not capable of success.

The thought of being too exhausted by daily life to ever do my own thing.

The thought of doing my own thing
whatever that is
and realizing that I'm not actually very good at it.

Thoughts are scary things sometimes.


  1. Thoughts can be scary, and you are definitely not alone. I can identify with all of them. I want to be more successful in my career, but have no time to improve myself. Networking also seems to be key to this industry, but being introverted nothing is more terrifying. But something I read today gave me a little hope:

    "We’re so used to rejection, so efficient at finding weakness that we often kill an idea before it even has a chance to get out of our brain, let alone out of the creative review." --John Carlton

  2. And not being allowed to do "my own thing" forces me to create things 8to am not proud, and I am worried that I am entering into a rut that I won't be able to escape. Vicious cycle, and I know someday I have to be brave and stick to my guns...then again maybe I am not very good after all.

    Wow I am a Debbie Downer, but I just wanted to say I understand what you are going through. I am rooting for you! Sometimes you gotta go with the flow. Life can take you to amazing places.


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