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It goes without saying that I am a woman of many interests. I jump at the opportunity to begin a new project; the thrill of creating lists, setting schedules and bringing something original into being is too enticing for me to say no.

But the juggling act isn't working lately. And while I normally subscribe to the DO ALL THE THINGS school of thought, this practice is hindering my project process more than it is helping. It may be time to try a new tactic.

I'll be taking the next few months to focus on one project for a few weeks, then another, then another. Maybe this will spark the serious growth that I've been pushing toward in each.

See you soon.


  1. Oh sweet pea, don't I know the feeling. Work. blog. vintage booth at Agora downtown (and all the buying, tagging, etc. that comes with it.) maybe sometimes seeing friends? Oh and the family thing! Hang in there. Better to want to do all the things than to not be interested in anything!

  2. Alyssa--too true. I'd rather be overwhelmed by too many interests than bored :) Yes, you totally get it. And I'll be returning to the blog after I make some serious progress on another project!


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