Monster Monday & Offbeat South Orange

My upcoming assignment at work today is to run around South Orange, snapping photos of the town to be posted on a local nonprofit website.
Here’s what happened last time I did this, almost two years ago. I don’t think I really captured the “heart” of South Orange, but I did find a few offbeat nooks and crannies.

Hopefully today will provide some new and interesting material. Photos to be posted tomorrow!
What’s your favorite out of the ordinary local spot? Is it a tiny shop? A dive bar? An art-inspiring alleyway? What do you love about it?
Also, it's Monster Monday. Please enjoy this photo of a rabbit trying to understand the mysterious concept of indoor plumbing.
Where is all the water coming from?!


  1. Oh gosh, love that black and white shot of the space between buildings. What an awesome task!

  2. Thank you! That was one of my favorites from the day :)


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