Tuesday Tunes and Food Truck Thoughts


After a brief email exchange with the lovely Lady Smaggle, I have learned the extreme importance of Spell Check. The difference between a reversed "sp" to a "ps" is apparently the route to fundamentalism. Please read:


Alright, going to get up from rolling around on the floor now. On to the original post.

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When was the last time you heard a song and thought, "Hey, that was kinda catchy," so you played it a second time? And then a third? And then possibly a fourth?

And then continued to play it for, like, weeks on end?

Enter YACHT and their album Shangri-La. They're categorized as an electronic band, which is so not my cup of tea...normally. But ever since I first clicked "Play," I've been craving this song like a pregnant woman craves pickles. Or ice cream. Or pickle-flavored ice cream. Whatever.

Point is, I cannot stop listening to it, and I'm STOKED to play it on The Campus Buzz this coming Sunday. So if you're interested in the rest of the album, then dude. You gotta tune in.

I did, however, accomplish more than a one-person dance party yesterday. I also researched Food Trucks while at work.

The term "research" usually goes hand in hand with the term "boring," but for someone who once toyed with the idea of owning a road restaurant called Breakfast Monster (because coming up with a cool name is obviously the most important part of starting a business), I was happy to undertake such a project.

If you've been keeping up with food news lately, you may have heard that food trucks are all the rage right now. Just as cupcakes have been elevated in the past few years from Kindergarten Birthday Treat to Trendy Staple of the Gourmand's Diet, grimy hot dog carts and halal stands are the new debutantes of the foodie pageant.

I literally spent hours compiling a list of the dozens of gourmet food trucks that roam New York's streets, and eventually came up with about 25 that have a legitimate method of contact. The ones that I'm most excited to try are as follows:

The name says it all. The colors say it all. Plus, toppings include elderflower syrup, sriracha and cayenne pepper (how great would that last one be on a chocolate cone?) 

To be fair, The Cinnamon Snail is actually a New Jersey, not New York, truck. But they're vegan, organic, and their donuts look unbelievably drool-worthy.

Korean spiciness + Mexican spiciness = How could this not be a great idea?

A more all-inclusive list of New York's food trucks can be found here, but these are the three I'm most anxious to try. Do you have this many road restaurants where you live? And if so, what are your thoughts? Do they live up to the hype?

Also, I promised yesterday that I'd post South Orange photos. Meh. They weren't all that awesome. Here's a photo of my roof instead.

I don't know whose door that is.


  1. One way to knock a few carts off your list: http://www.thehighline.org/the-lot

  2. Aah! What a lovely coincidence, The Lot is the staple of my upcoming Friday night plans :) Have you been yet??

  3. Don't lie, you still want to drive around selling people breakfast :)

  4. I do indeed! But from the looks of it, there is no longer a need for Breakfast Monster, at least in this area :(

  5. I checked it out a few days ago, but wasn't hungry so I didn't try anything yet lol


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