Beating the Heat

In weather like this, heavy flavors and textures are a no-go. Especially after a day spent moving everything you own from one apartment to another. In hundred-degree temperatures.

Being more of a desert lizard than a snow bunny, I actually don't mind a good heat wave now and then. Hey, all the more reason to mix up a cool-off cocktail.

Vodka limeades, anyone?

Summer scorchers, do your worst. I'm armed.

How do you cool off?


  1. Well I am a snow bunny, and after driving a half hour in a car with no a/c and windows that won't roll down I come home greatful that its only 105 outside my car, then find the nearest fan and sit in front of it until I have stopped sweating. And if I have popsicles I like to enjoy one of those, if I get the motivation I would like to make my own. I do not have the equipment yet, but maybe this weekend will give me the motivation.

  2. I'm originally from Alabama, so I know a thing or two about heat. On a ridiculously hot day (usually accompanied by ridiculous humidity), I tend to cool off by, first, turning my ceiling fan on high. Then, I crush some diced cucumber and sliced lemons into the bottom of a glass, add ice, and top with fizzy water (flavored if you like)! Best mocktail ever.

  3. *Gasp!* Where in Alabama are you from? I was born in Louisiana and we moved when I was still little, but most of my family vacations have been to Orange Beach. My parents like to catch up with their crazy friends about once a year :)

    PS -- That mocktail sounds so refreshing right now.


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