Thursday: Things That Rock

1. The color pink. I've never been a "pink" girl, because the color usually invokes mental images of Barbie and highlighters and sticky sweetness. Gross. Earthy hues are where it's at.

But lately, muted and pale baby shades have been beckoning. In the form of scarves, tulle skirts and...maybe even hair dye?

Photoshopped image. Just a test run.
Still blonde in real life.

2. Tara at Deer in a Bottle created some really cool "State" of the Art pieces this week.

3. Creative mojo running low? Check out these 29 ways to refuel.

4. More eco-friendly yet elegant decor. As if you needed another reason to recycle.

5. I was so disappointed to learn on Tuesday afternoon that the Pinch Food Design tasting had been cancelled (sob). To cheer myself up, I made this roasted tomato soup and gobbled it down with some warm tortillas. Dee-lish and practically effortless.

6. Angeliki's very detailed list of How to Trick People into Thinking You're Cool. The "tricking" part is what really makes me smile.

7. Amy LaVere sports a face-paint villain's mask on the cover of her new album. Badass status achieved.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! By the way - I love the pink! So hot!

  2. Have you seen Kate's blog Scathingly Brilliant?

    She has pink hair so your picture made me think of that. She ordered a pink wig first to try it out which I thought was a good idea! (plus her blog is pretty awesome)

    Will have to check out the links!

  3. Sure thing, Tara -- loved your work :)

    Elle -- No, I had never come across Scathingly Brilliant, but I'm checking it out now and am SO excited. This girl's hair and blog are gorgeous. Thank you so much!!


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