In Response to LSN's "Contentment Inventory," OR How to Love Your Life

If you follow Halley's adventures over at Life of Something New, you may have come across her recent post in which she took a "Contentment Inventory." It was a short and sweet read that got me all introspective about contentment in my own life. As a chronic list-maker, of course, I began jotting down the moments in which I find contentment these days.

And wow, you guys.
Instant mood booster.
You really should try this sometime.

I find that it's all of the little moments combined, rather than one big event here or there, that seem to bring the most lasting, deeply resonating happiness.

Stopping to smell the digital flowers.

Little Joys as of Late:
  • Sharing a friend's homemade strawberry jam over warm wheat toast. And then curling up on the couch for discussions of foreign travel.
  • Counting down with my sister the days until we're reunited.
  • Waking up to hear (or read) the simplest of words: "Good Morning."
  • Introducing a new friend to S'Mores--what American has never had a S'More?!--by roasting marshmallows over my stove.
  • Getting lost in an art museum with no agenda to follow and nowhere else to be. Just soaking up the history, the creativity and the present company.
  • Weekly conversations with no-longer-strangers at the farmers' market, on topics ranging from pickled tomatoes to love.
  • Watching a rabbit jump up and twist in mid-air because he's so excited to be alive.
  • Anticipating a two-person getaway to local wine country.

Looking back on moments like this, what reason is there, really, to be unhappy?

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