Making Due With What You Have: Fudgy Peanut Butter Blondies

As you may have read on Wednesday, I engaged in a bit of top-secret activity last weekend. I threw together a batch of these:

Rich, peanut buttery blondies. Loaded with chocolate chips. Dense like fudge, crumbly like cookies. Wow. YUM.

The kicker: I only used about half the ingredients that normally go into baked sweets. Vanilla? Check. Brown sugar? Check. Baking soda and baking powder? Check!

And honestly, who could forget the peanut butter?

But what about...

Noooope. There were none to be found in my fridge.

So what secret ingredient made blondies so tasty that no one could even tell I hadn't been grocery shopping in three weeks?

The answer:

Lima beans.

Talk about making due! Chocolate Covered Katie really knows how to rock the vegan recipes. I myself am not a vegan, but these babies saved me a trip to the store--because really, who wants to walk halfway across town in 95-degree heat? Thanks, but I'll pass.

Rather than waste time posting the whole recipe on this page, I'll make life easier (for both you and me) and send you straight to the master herself. These are so worth it. I promise.

How do you feel about "experimental" baking? Are you a staunch butter-lover? Or do you like to...er...mix up the dough?


  1. Now I know you don't need me to answer that question :)

  2. I know your answer all too well ;)


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