Top 5 Reasons to be Excited About July (Independence Day Not Included)

1. All this hot weather indicates that we're in prime beer-drinking season. Nothing says refreshment like a cold one straight from the fridge, especially after accidentally making korma so ridiculously spicy that the insides of your ears burn. Hey, had to find some way to use up those alien veggies.

2. The sun shines for, like, 28 hours a day, which means that it's the ideal month to show off your new designer shades. And by "designer," I mean "free generic pair that were mailed to you with your most recent order of contact lenses."

3. All of this sunshine also provides the perfect excuse to spend your free time exploring the beach. And maybe picking up pieces of driftwood here and there. And possibly fashioning that driftwood into useful (read: free and stylish!) furniture fixtures.

4. Beach, rooftop, backyard; whatever may be available in your neighborhood, you pretty much get to live outdoors.

5. Cannoli Pie Magazine celebrates its first birthday this month. Much excitement is in order.

And maybe a few more beers.


  1. Caption: Cannoli Pie editor Stephen Krauska makes a beast of himself over a pork burrito.

  2. Yum pork burrito! I can't wait to visit the states in the summer. It's been years! I also adore beachwood being turned into shelves or coat racks.

  3. Hooray for seeing the States again! Bet your family is just as thrilled as you are :)


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