Have Time for a Chat?

Let's get to know each other!

South Orange sometimes looks like a miniature toyland.

A bit of my life lately:

  • Reading - Will begin Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals and Shakespeare's Measure for Measure in the near future.
  • Listening - new Bon Iver, new Eddie Vedder, old Ray LaMontagne. A laid back summer mix.
  • Drinking - chilled white wine. My alternative to AC.
  • Eating - Kohlrabi salad & plenty of dark chocolate.
  • Anticipating - August in Wichita. Home sweet home.
  • Loving - Long evening walks & plenty of iced coffee.
  • Looking - For a new bike chain.
  • Inspired by - The success story of Miss Andie Mitchell.

Want to share a little snapshot of your life, too? Your words would make my day. This lovely questionnaire was borrowed from Abbey at The Inglenook. Her blog reminds me of a spring tea party: pastel colors, sweet and simple writing, photos as tasty as ladyfingers and cucumber sandwiches.

On the note of other blogs, I owe a big, big thank you to Kyla Roma; I was the lucky winner of her July Sponsorship giveaway! The entire street probably heard my squeals of delight. Her blog is bursting with color, craftiness and stories from the Canadian prairie.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. My answers! http://larino.tumblr.com/post/7196139111/my-life-in-a-list

  2. Let's see :)

    Reading - The Dispossesed, Anna Karenina and Stranger in a Strange Land
    Listening - Well, technically Stranger in a Strange Land, it's an audio book :)
    Drinking - Lots of French wine
    Eating - Just had some French McD's deluxe potatoes (like steak fries), they are amazing.
    Anticipating - My next trips (Paris and Barcelona) and also going back home to everything familiar and comfortable
    Loving - Life!!
    Looking - Tan? Haha, I've been in the sun a lot!
    Inspired by - All the fabulous bloggers out here living their dreams!

    Congrats on being featured - super exciting!!


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