Thursday: Things That Rock

1. Wichita Brewing Company. If you are confused by this logo, please immediately Google "John Brown" and do a little reading.

2. If Ben Folds, Nick Hornby and Pomplamoose don't make you smile, I don't know what will.

3. Three words: animals being dicks. Three more words: peeing my pants.

4. Easily the coolest and quirkiest t-shirts available on the internet.

Currently in Colorado, friends. I am most likely hiking, hanging out in a hot tub or chasing my nephew around. Be back soon!


  1. Those beer glasses are brilliant. I bet the beer is too.

  2. It is indeed. My mom (who usually doesn't go much heavier than Bud Light) was craaaazy about their lager. I've never heard her ask for a second drink that isn't a margarita.


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