Monster Monday & Four Reasons to See Colorado

Two and a half weeks until my reunion with this little pig. Er, rabbit.

Must. Eat. All the pellets. In. The Cup.

I just returned to Wichita from a week spent exploring Buena Vista, Leadville and Salida, Colorado. In other words, I went from 75 degrees at 8,000 feet to 110 degress at 1,000 feet. Can't. Breathe.

Reasons I plan to eventually return (semi-permanently, perhaps?):

1. The natural scenery.

We went a little succulent-crazy at the farmers' market.

2. The creativity.

Ski fence in Leadville.

3. The history.

My future fixer-upper home and future pet deer.

4. The consignment shops.

This is my dad with our purchases from a Leadville thrift store (check out the recycled bags they gave us!) and our celebratory $1 beers. Yeah. $1.

You may laugh at that last point, but I was blown away by how down-to-earth secondhand shopping was. Experience has taught me that buying something "vintage" means paying more, not less, than the item originally cost.

Yes, New York. I'm looking at you.

Maybe this time next year the Southwest Conservation Corps will need a few new members. If so, hellooo long-term camping.

What vacation spot rejuvenates your soul?

1 comment:

  1. Going home in a week! Although anywhere outside the city is relaxing and nourishes the soul.

    Love the photos! Great composition.


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