Monster Monday & A Call for Help

Monster survived his first crazy party this weekend. Cheap drinks, loud music, extremely confusing card games, he was there for it all. 

And I think he was the only guest who made it into Sunday sans hangover. 

Why were there so many cans in this big white box?


So, friends, I have a favor to ask. It’s this little guy’s birthday next month, and I’m putting together a present for him. 

And what’s more fun at any age than music or art? Music AND art, of course! I’m making him an alphabet-themed coloring book, with one musical group representing each letter. Such as… 

I: Iron & Wine

and S: The Shins 

But in doing so, I’ve stumbled upon a few roadblocks, namely the letters Q, U and Z. I can’t think of any worthwhile bands that begin with these! So I ask, dear friends, for your suggestions. What musical greatness do I have yet to discover that will fulfill alphabetical requirements and simultaneously provide artwork appropriate for a pre-school-aged child? 

Ay ay ay. Ayudarme, por favor!


  1. Claire!

    I have seen your future home! Rishikesh, is amazing. and The Ganges ( ganga)really is this crazy spiritual place. Not to mention, I ate some damn good Falafel which I had been craving for the past 22 days which was excellent. My recommendations: The Devarej German Coffee Shop. An incredible view of the river, monkeys playing on the bridge and people. Not to mention the coffee is the best I've had in India so far and it is cheap ( none of that Coffee Cafe Day 100 rupee crazyness which you will soon know too well).

    Also, go to Mussorie. I don't care if you have to hijack a raft and walk it up hill ( not sure quite how those two are related) do it. and watch the sunrise from Gund Hill, and eat at the Tibetan restaurant, talk to the owner. He will show you his music video, and tell you about humanities place over religion and he will be crazy, but you will never once guess his sincerity. Look towards the right and see what appears to be a very cool British home. Well it once was, it's falling down now( see my blog for pictures). Explore it, and than walk behind it, and climb to that hill, and look at the prayer flags, and the clouds moving in waves, and just be happy. And see everything that I didn't see ( which was alot)

    miss you! and I hope our room is treating you well =) send me some senior year updates!

  2. Is anyone more worthy than Queen?!
    This gift is beautiful and brilliant - what a lucky kid!

  3. Z!?


    They're a Glascow-based band and they're AWESOME.

    I'm sure they'd make a lovely coloring book page.

  4. Z is for Zee Avi!!!


    A Sweet Release

  5. Queens of the Stone Age.
    Ugly Casanova.
    The Zombies.

    And I have an Indie Rock Coloring Book, too!

  6. Echoing the Queen suggestion:


    Who is more fun to color than Freddie Mercury, I ask you.

    For "U" I would suggest Usher, but he does not have super cool album art. Maybe Under the Influence of Giants?


  7. Baaaaaaaaagh you guys are all awesome. So much muziks! How many times can I say thank you before it gets annoying?



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