Thursday: Things that Rock

1. Katie's recipe for banana butter (read: I bought bananas solely for this experience).

2. Sabrina and Halley: two world travelers, one guest post on doing what you want. A much-needed shove off of the insecurity couch.

3. Life lists: do you have one? Why or why not?

4. This street sign tattoo poses a question: what are your thoughts on meaning behind tattoos? Is a deep meaning necessary? Or is art for the sake of art (or boredom) a sufficient reason to pay for all that ink?

5. The CMJ Music Fest: it's almost here. And I'm dying to go for this reason.

Aah, to be at a music festival again. Cold War Kids at SXSW, March 2011


  1. Claire! You're so sweet; thanks for plugging this post!

  2. It's SO worth a read. Or maybe two ;)

  3. I totally have a life list! But sometimes they need to be updated a bit. Recently I stopped putting potential ages on them because one day I realized that according to my list I should be married and in grad school by the time I hit 25. Which I am a month from turning and at least a year from both of those goals. And then I got sad. So I revamped the list and now it just feels great when I get to cross something off!!

    A Sweet Release

  4. I've been feeling the urge for a music festival too. As soon as it gets sunny out that seems to be the first thought on my mind.

    Only problem is, I don't enjoy festivals as much as I enjoy thinking I enjoy festivals. I wore them out in my youth and music industry work days. Now I just get grumpy at the people and lines.

    Oh no! I'm old!!


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