Thursday: Things that Rock

1. Coming home to a snail mail avalanche. This is the result of my homemade postcard resolution, and a certain Milwaukee correspondent totally kicks ass.

2. Thanks to The Oatmeal, I will never get anything done again. Check out their comic strip on what we should have been taught senior year

3. A great discussion on Comic Sans: to hate or not to hate?

4. Beginning each week with clear intentions.

5. An upcoming dinner with a normally-long-distance friend. Won't you join Halley and I for a Cheap Dumpling Binge on the evening of the 16th if you're in the area?


  1. That home made postcard idea is genius! And who doesn't love getting snail mail in a mostly digital age?

    A Sweet Release

  2. Thank you! It's super thrifty and fun :) I'm eventually hoping to move to homemade envelopes as well, but that's a project for another day.

  3. Noooo! Why did I look at The Oatmeal on a Monday morning!

    Hehe, secretly (though not so secretly now I guess) I'm very pleased. Motivation shmotivation.


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