Tuesday Tunes & Sweet Surprises

Apologies for the late posting, but two awesome things happened today. And it's not even 2 p.m. yet. Want to hear about them? Okaycool.

1. On my walk to a meeting this morning I passed by a gorgeous skyline painting, done on an old strip of wood panelling, resting peacefully against a street sign. I looked around, trying to discern whether or not it had been part of someone's furniture move, but the sidewalk was empty.

If this is still here on my way back... I thought to myself, continuing--already late--toward campus.

And to my surprise, it was!
It's now hanging in good company between my fire alarm and kitchen doorway, sprucing up what was once a very sterile white wall.

2. There's a flower shop in South Orange that I've passed almost every day for three years, but never thought to explore. I stepped in on a whim today and met Lenny, the grizzled florist who knew more about Australian Gum Tree Eucalypts than I'll ever learn in a lifetime. As I thanked him for the conversation and turned to leave, he opened the refrigerated section and presented me with a rose.

"Thanks for stopping in," he said.

Life isn't perfect, but it sure is good.

Have a listen to this song. 
Enjoy what's left of your Tuesday.


  1. What a fantastic day!
    It really is the little things that make us smile, isn't it?

  2. I got a free box of drake's coffee cakes for free! Win!

    Although the rose is wayyy nicer.

  3. That painting reminds me of the cover of Cate Marvin's book:


  4. @LS&S - Totally true. The unplanned pleasantries are the best kind :)

    @Halley - What are these Drake's coffee cakes you speak of?! Ooom nom nom coffee cake!

    @Stephen - Could you ask Cate Marvin if she ever frequents South Orange? And brings oil paintings with her?


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