Thursday: Things that Rock

This week's link roundup is centered on a theme: minimalism. It's an attitude and lifestyle that I find both fascinating and freeing, so I'm doing my best to incorporate some of its principles into my own daily habits. Check it out:

1. Colin Wright, who runs Exile Lifestyle, owns only 72 things.

2. Living without the internet: it's actually possible?

And in the spirit of said theme, I'll leave the list of links at these humble three. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


  1. You know, my friend is actually in the process of a year without mirrors. I'm not sure which would be harder, lacking a way to put on my make-up (which frankly I'm bad at WITH a mirror) or a year without internet.

  2. So buying a kindle touch and a kindle fire would boot me from this post?

  3. @Annika -- A year without mirrors? That's brutal. Does she put on makeup every day? And if so, she must be a pro.

    @Stephen - Mmm....yes.

  4. I'm always trying to pare down and focus on the most important stuff. Seems like its much easier to be happy that way - less to worry about, less choices to make.

  5. I'd really like to minimize and simplify aspects of my life but living with 72 things is not part of my goals :) Have a good weekend too.


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