Monster Monday & Sponsor Shoutout

Pretty sure Monster is going through rabbit puberty. He runs frantically around the house like a crazed teenager and acts just as angsty as one whenever it’s time to go to the pen. 

Lies. Look how zen I am.

I’d never planned on raising something resembling a child so soon. 

If you haven’t noticed from the rain, chill in the air or sudden barrage of pumpkin flavored beverages on every coffeehouse menu (fucking yum), we’ve reached October—my faaaave month of the year. And to go along with what are arguably the coolest four weeks on the calendar (apple picking. Killer boots. Cozy sweaters. That mysterious smoky scent in the air. HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES) is a quick shoutout to the new month’s sponsors. 

You may recognize a handful of familiar buttons over on the side bar, but a few new ones have joined the ranks as well. Please pop on over to see Annika & Nick at A Sweet Release or read up on the latest issue of Cannoli Pie Magazine (co-edited by unRonic and yours truly). 

The other members of the lineup, if you haven’t paid them a visit, are also full of inspiration on travel,  photography and getting through the tough stuff. Check ‘em out.


  1. I LOVE October! It's my favorite month of the year too! In Scotland we are trying to figure out where to find pumpkins, making butternut soup from scratch, and ordering the firewood for the upcoming winter! It's SO wonderful!

  2. You have a bunny named Monster?? That's precious. I'm so excited about fall too. This morning I had some delicious peppermint coffee when I woke up and I heard "Baby it's cold outside" on the radio! I've got fall and christmas all wrapped up into one! Your blog is so cute by the way. So nice to meet you!



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