Get In Mah Belly: Pumpkin Deserves a Standing Ovation

Yesterday I mentioned the virtual monopoly that pumpkin holds on the menu this time of year. Trouble is, this glorious squash—if I could steal a bite here or there every single month, I totally would—is normally relegated to desserts and frothy drinks, if not to a mushy pile on the front porch with a few candles stuffed inside as an afterthought. People seem to forget what a showstopper pumpkin can be during dinnertime, if paired with the right dance moves and a killer wardrobe. 

Am I going overboard? 

Maybe so. 

Basically, I just really want you to try this recipe for pumpkin chili. Like, right now. Go make it immediately, then swoon in the beautiful amalgam of comfort, spice and surprising crunch. 

Then book tickets to see the show again tomorrow—in a bland, over-air-conditioned office, a leftover bowl of this stuff will make you so, so happy. 

But I could just be speaking from personal experience.

My vegetarian rendition


  1. ooo that looks so delicious!!


  2. MMmmmm that looks amazing! Though I must admit, I'm not sure I've every met the savory side of pumpkin. Though the sweet side and I become increasingly close each and every year! Pumpkin cupcakes?

  3. @Annika -- pumpkin cupcakes? *swoon.* I've been drooling over this recipe all day: http://bit.ly/nMawjY

  4. Pumpkins win! I just bought some pumpkin pasta sauce that was absolutely delicious. Now to find a delicious recipe to make it for myself!


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