Monster Monday & An Explanation

So I may or may not have mysteriously disappeared last week. My bad.

I would make the excuse that I was crazy busy, but let's get real. Everyone is crazy busy. So that option's out.

The least I can do is explain where I went.

First, I went to the CMJ Music Marathon. Took some photos. Won an award. And while I was there, I ate/drank/networked/generally caroused the streets of New York way more than is advisable in such a short timespan. But it was worth every chilly late-night minute, every chaotic venue hunt and even the ridiculous full-body exhaustion ache that hung around on Sunday.

I also made dragon wings out of cardboard and hung out with a troupe of pop culture zombies.

Now I'm thinking it sure would be lame to ask you to keep reading without trying to make this absence up to you. And in saying that...how would you feel about a giveaway? Interested? Eh?

If so, give me a shout in the comments. There may be one underway soon. And it'll make you almost as happy as a kitten holding a bunny.

Up later this week: turning 22, reflections on art modeling and links that'll have your toes tapping.

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