Counting Tree Limbs and Blessings

Before I begin, did you know The Decemberists' new album drops today? It is so worth checking out.

South Orange lost a few trees this weekend.

Halloween was overshadowed by an unexpected barrage of snow.

Downed electrical wires, power outages and a general warzone of foliage put a bit of a damper on trick-or-treating. And they really do a number on gas lamps.

But they're also a great reminder to be thankful for the bare necessities.

I have food.
I have shelter.
I have heat (well, sometimes--but that's another story).

What do you normally take for granted that's saving your life this week?


  1. Taking my job and the money I make for granted. Time to stop spending frivolously before I can't do it anymore(New Years resolution).

  2. Last week, Nick was in conferences all week so I had the animals to care for all by myself. So this week, now that we're back on a normal schedule, I am super excited that on my lunch break from school I get to actually eat lunch haha. Not drive across town to take the dog for a walk and then try and race traffic back to school for the end of the day!

    Have you heard the new Mute Math CD? Good stuff right there!

  3. @Rachell, totally understood on the spending. So hard to save it all up, especially when there are friends to see/new restaurants to try.

    @Annika, ohmygosh! Thank goodness you're able to eat again! And no, haven't checked out the new album, thanks for the heads up. Will now be the soundtrack to my Thursday :)


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