Let It Be Enough

Some days are full of productivity. These days include items such as:

  • A fridge full of healthy foods prepared for the coming week.
  • An impeccably clean apartment.
  • A schedule full of nonthreatening deadlines and achievable tasks.

Other days, however, include nothing but a tidied up bathroom and beer with a good friend.

Know what?
That's perfectly okay.

Whatever your version of "beer with a good friend" may be, take time this week to sit back and indulge. Pop the cap off that bottle and let the conversation flow.

Your schedule can take a backseat to your own well being for a while. You're worth it.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head with this one. I'm currently sat here worrying about pitching for more work before Christmas. Should I, shouldn't I? What if it all comes tumbling in the week before? Having read this, I'm going to sit in the garden with a book, drink my coffee and let my worries float away. There WILL be beer this afternoon, I can assure you. Thanks! xo

  2. I love those days :) and I really enjoy your blog!

  3. "Your schedule can take a backseat to your own well being for a while", that's beautiful and so important but we keep forgetting this. Xmas periods can be very stressful and full of tasks to cross off, lets make a difference this and just relax and take care of ourselves.

  4. This is great! I feel like, especially this time of year, it's easy to get wrapped up in our busy schedules and forget to enjoy a beer with friends. I will be doing this very soon. Thanks for sharing, Love your blog!

  5. I will be back soon, I swear! It's just...it's taking a while. But this is not the end!


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