Is this thing still on?

Alright, so. It's been...eight...months. Well.
Hello, blogger.com homepage. You're looking ravishing this evening. Have you lost weight? 

A lot of things happen in eight months, guys. 
Big, plan-interrupting, way-of-life changing things. 
And smaller, more understated things. 
But a lot of both do happen. 

I've hesitated to jump back into the blogosphere for a number of reasons, the major complaint being the time it takes to maintain a corner of the internet that's actually interesting. Anyone can throw out a few characters' worth of thought (hello, Twitter) or post a quick photo (I'm looking at you, Instagram), but to compose consistently engaging, thought-provoking matter takes work, you guys. And I already spend a lot of time at work these days.

So rather than carve out space within the weeks to keep ol' G.O. running, my perfectionist self has just been letting this lonely interweb corner sit here, on hold, waiting quietly for the day when I'd mysteriously gain some unlimited amount of time to bring it back to its glory days of last summer. 

Eventually, though, I had to admit that there will never be that dreamy span of unlimited time. There's no quiet little blog paradise for Claire; there's just the crazy rush of daily life, and anyone who calls him-or-herself a creative actually acknowledges that fact and creates something anyway

So. Will General Overachiever be the "perfect" little site I'd like it to be? 
Sigh. No. 

Will the posts be irregular from time to time? 

Will the redesign process be slow? Will the content be sub-par and less useful to readers than that produced regularly my favorite bloggers
Uh, duh. 

But hey--I'm back behind the keyboard, at least for now. And damn, does it feel good.

Gratitude List 07.08
  1. I'm close enough with my family that our reunion after six months induces a fit of happy tears. 
  2. It's so hot that the sweat appears within minutes of walking out the door, but sun and sweat are a thousand times better than winter gloom. 
  3. Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, mint and olive oil made me a weeks' worth of gazpacho after five minutes in a blender. 
  4. I had room in my budget this month to sign up for an October 10K, so I now have no excuses to get the fuck outside and run. 
  5. A whole bunch of people, both short- and long-distance (I can't link to them all--some don't have blogs!), are awesome enough to push me back into doing something I love. Even when I'm too nervous to jump in on my own.


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