Gratitude list 07.14

1. It feels incredibly refreshing to jump back into Photoshop and baby CSS editing once again. Hey, new header! Nice to see you, photo templates. Haven't done this in a while.
2. As a compulsive project starter, I can easily get wrapped up in the creation of something new (I've spent four hours doing back-end work on this blog, for example). It's incredibly helpful having someone who knows when to say "Dude, slow down or you're going to crash."
3. This book is fascinating.
4. Late-night dumplings and dollar beers in the park are the best medicine for curing a stressful day.
5. This week featured Round II of a recently-begun series of stoop hangs. Plenty of wine, gossip and ambition-sharing to be had.

Photo by Katie. Lefthand smile by Emmy.


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