Pittsburgh, PA: The Howlers' Coyote Cafe.

Tuscarora State Forest, PA: Illegal camping.

Nowhereland, Millersville and Shartlesville, PA: Spelunking and succumbing to tourist traps.

Pennsylvania sounded like this, played out like this and tasted like this.
Three days of nothing but pure happy.

Gratitude list 08.28

  1. I'm really into friends' music blogs lately.
  2. Seeing the creative endeavors of those around me is incredibly inspiring.
  3. Has anyone seen any productivity improvement with the help of the Pomodoro Technique?
  4. The Doobie Brothers are currently crooning one of my favorite childhood poems from my record player. Thanks, Jerry.
  5. I'm still clinging desperately to summer like a middle-schooler, but consolation lies in all things pumpkin.


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