30 day song challenge: Day 15 & soul coffee

A song people wouldn't expect you to like.

My day-to-day cup of tea? Not exactly. But sometimes a gal just needs some grit and grunge. Thanks, WSOU, for yanking me violently out of my comfort zone.

If you had the attention span to read all the way through my last post, 1) thank you immensely and 2) you already know that I've been in a pretty serious rut of self-doubt lately. In trying to pull myself out, I've taken to reading the words of Alexandra Franzen like scripture. The woman is a powerhouse of positivity, you guys. And though I sometimes read her posts and think WHAT kinda Kool-Aid is this girl drinking?, more often than not just I'm inspired to get off my ass and make something of myself.

If you're not sure who "you" are right now, take a few minutes this week to reflect on the Theme of Your Life. It's centering; it's reassuring; it's a caffeine jolt for the soul.

Here's mine, as per one hour ago:

My cellular obstacles are the desire for instant success, the fear of prematurely cutting off possibilities and the need to control ev.er.y.thing. The biggest, most vital lessons that I'm destined to learn and relearn are patience and the relinquishing of control.

My magnetic talents are human attraction, organization and written word. I put them to use every day by playing matchmaker between new music and its potential fans, managing personal creative projects and writing killer client reports. I hide them whenever I a) get too burnt out to show my face or b) doubt my own potential for independent success. But I'm wildly in love with my ability to rabble-rouse; to get people excited. To make things happen.

My final-breath battle cry is this: Though you cannot control the situation in which you're placed or the actions of those around you, you can control the ways YOU respond and run your life; where, with whom and how you live it. 

I believe that the world is bigger than imaginable, and that one of the main points of life is seeing as much of that world as possible in order to unify my views of it with the others who experience it. We're all in this together, and I don't want to die before reminding the world that we are all part of a huge network. NO one is an isolated island, and whatever your passion is, it can be shared with others. There is someone else out there who shares your loves and beliefs.

My life has a theme. And if I had to synthesize it into a single word (or two, or three, or several), it would be: never-ending education. enthusiasm cultivation. action-creating connection. tireless exploration.

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