Monster Monday & Music Giveaway!

Never in my life have I been such a sucker for the wiles of a cute animal. But coming home to this every day, do I really have any other choice?

Love me, please.

Don't worry, there's more in store today than some crazy lady's photos of a rabbit. This Monday, friends, I am proud to present General Overachiever's First Official Giveaway!

You could say that this is in honor of the Ultimate American Holiday, because Americans love cheap-and-free stuff.

Or, more accurately, you could call it my way of saying thanks. Thank you, dear friends, for being here in the early days of this new adventure. And thanks, fellow bloggers, for the support and inspiration you've provided. You rock.

So, getting to the free stuff...

I have vinyls for you.

Like, a lot of them.

No, seriously. A lot of them.

All brand new, none removed from their casing. Artists in the pile include:

The winner will receive four albums at random from the collection--more to be given out in the coming months (with possible stickers and 3D glasses thrown in as well)!

To enter the Music Giveaway

Entry is simple. Just leave a comment on this post stating one new thing you're trying this week. Could be as small as a new ingredient you bought from the grocery store or as big as a weekend road trip. Giveaway's open until 9pm EST tomorrow night (July 5th), and the winner will be posted the following morning. Good luck!


  1. I hope it's not cheating to give a two part response to get my hands on such a commodity as a stack of vinyls :P

    This week, if my plans pan out as they absolutely will, I am planning on being sweet this week, unlike my usual demeanor. I am planning on diving into the world of canning and trying my hand at the art of making strawberry jam. Not only will this be money saving, delicious, and easily sustainable, it will also be up for sharing with friends and bringing people together to generate the wholesome sense of world peace.

    Besides being damn delicious.

    Also, if I do win these awesome vinyls, I'll be willing to make a signature vinyl wall clock for General Overachiever and friends.

    That's right. I'm being thrifty, and giving for the week :)

  2. The new things I plan on doing this week include painting a pair of converse all-stars I happen to obtain at a flea market for only $10 and possibly make a DIY dress.

    Yay for new projects!

  3. 1) Daria, you have in no way cheated. I really loved reading your plans for the week. So full of color and intention and fruit :) I'm also very curious about the demeanor part. Where is this coming from?

    2) Liz, when did you hit up a flea market? And TEN DOLLARS? That's awesome, considering that they're normally, like 40 bucks.


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