Tuesday Tunes: Jamming with Paul Dempsey

I had the chance to interview Paul Dempsey (of the Melbourne-based band Something for Kate) this weekend. Paul released his solo album Everything Is True in Australia in late 2009, where it won the title Australian Album of the Year; however, it just became available for purchase in the States last week.


In addition to being an incredibly talented musician, Paul is also a genuinely cool guy with a penchant for physics and history. We spent the afternoon discussing robotic waitresses, Iron Maiden and sarcasm. You guys. It was awesome.

You can join our conversation and catch a few live tracks here, or get a feel for his sound from the video below--it's one of my favorites from the album.

In other news, there's still time to enter General Overachiever's First Official Giveaway! Comments are being accepted until 9pm EST tonight, and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Good luck, friends!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. That's awesome. The interview sounds amazing.

  2. couldn't listen to the interview... the player doesn't work, and the link in case the player doesn't work leads to nothing but a website (no file available).

    Just for information, the song "We'll Never Work In This Town Again" is definitely not off his solo album, neither from any other Something For Kate album. It was a digital EP released through iTunes.

  3. Hey David, thanks very much for the heads up on the link, I didn't realize it was broken. I'll figure out what went wrong. As for the song, I must have been misinformed. When a CD of his music was sent to our radio station for airplay, the songs were listed as all from the album. But you're right, I've done some looking around and "We'll Never Work in This Town Again" is not on any track list. I stand corrected!


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