Monster Monday & Scaling Back

Metaphoric life lesson: no matter how hard you try to keep your space neat and organized, someone will come along and make a mess of it all over again.

You just deal with it and keep cleaning anyway.

Thanks for the pellets, but I'm kinda busy eating the dust pile you just swept up.

I have an announcement to make. This Saturday will mark the month-iversary of General Overachiever. That's four weeks' worth of daily posts. Wow! Cheers, friends! As I recently confessed to Halley over at Life of Something New, I have fallen in love with the blogging process and all that it entails. The people I've met, the posts I've read and the conversations I've shared with writers, photographers, chefs, book critics, designers, travelers and friends around the globe have all been incredibly inspiring. What an encouraging community to be a part of. It truly is awesome.

With the end of the first month, however, comes the beginning of a new posting schedule. Starting next Monday, I'll only be publishing new material three times a week. The reasons for this are fourfold:
  1. I'll soon be spending some much-needed time at home, meaning my main focus will be on catching up with family and a few dear friends.
  2. My final college semester will begin shortly after that, as well as the switch to a new job, apartment and general way of life. In short, I gon' be busy.
  3. It would be a tragedy to start churning out boring material just for the sake of daily posts.
  4. You as a reader probably have better things to do with your time, anyway. If not, try getting out more often.

Sister and mom: just two of many people I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE. If I'd included photos of everyone on the list, this post woud be two pages long.

Also, thank goodness my hair has grown out since these were taken.

My original plan was to continue with Monster Monday, Tuesday Tunes and Thursday: Things that Rock. I'd shorten the amount of time spent on the daily theme to about a paragraph, then follow it with an unrelated topic, as seen in any of the links listed above. But then I thought, "Hey, Claire, why don't you discuss this with the people who actually read your ramblings?"

So...that's what I'm doing.

If you read this blog (bless you, you saintly person), what posts do you like to see? What genuinely makes you want to stick around, and what bores you? Brutal honesty is always appreciated. Because blogging is not about keeping a personal journal. It's about engaging in conversation. What are your thoughts?


  1. Themed days are a great way for readers to know what to expect and look forward to for that particular day. If you would want to keep your themed days separate from your additional post subject, you can begin to schedule your posts.

    I have started scheduling mine becuase I have noticed a real ebb and flow to my work schedule. If I am really busy at work, I tend to neglect my blog at home. By scheduling my posts I have begun taking more time to focus on each post as well as strengthening my commitment to post regularly (although I do have a post everyday either) and not let my blog become neglected.

    Back to the task at hand. Themed days are great. I have enjoyed your motivational posts, and would like to see more. Be careful not to post them to often or it will become preachy. I also love your trip/event posts. I do not get to take trips or go to events mostly due to: funds, time, availability, and these days HEAT. I enjoy taking the time to momentarily go on a trip through your post. Especially since it is a place very different from the one I live and different from a place I have visited.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog keep it up! Sorry my answers always end up so long. I ramble.

  2. Now to contrast my sister's sound advice:

    more wabbit pitchers prease!


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