Thursday: Things That Rock

1. Donuts. From a little place called The Donut Whole. Despite extensive searching, I have yet to find any other donuts as tasty as the ones served here. They look like this and can only be found in Wichita, Kansas:

Nothing like a classic Homer J.

2. Incognito coffee mugs. They claim that this is exactly what a photo geek wants for her "birthday/wedding/bat mitzvah/graduation present." And they're so right.

3. Musicians who write albums geared specifically toward kids. Beats out Barney's sing-alongs ten times over.

4. Fridgehenge. It's high up on my list of American sights to see. As is Carhenge.

5. Forming healthy, long-lasting habits. I, for one, would like to create a morning routine and stick to it. This guy has some really cool insight.

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