Giveaway Results & Stealth Baking

Remember when I said that only one entrant would be selected to win General Overachiever's First Official Giveaway?

Well, I lied--but with good reason! First, it felt unfair to give such an awesome collection of records to one of only two contestants. Second, both girls had such crazy adventures planned for the week (homemade strawberry jam? Painting a pair of shoes?!) that I couldn't turn either one down. I'd planned on using a random number generator to determine the winner, but with only two integers to enter, the results would have been pretty anticlimactic. Congratulations, therefore, to Daria and Liz! I'm so thrilled to announce that you guys are now proud owners of some wicked cool stacks of vinyl!

In other news, I recently threw together a batch of peanut butter blondies for a necessary 4th of July barbecue. About a fourth of them didn't even make it to the cooling plate before I'd scarfed them down.

Happiness is bite-sized and full of chocolate chips.

But wait, you guys. These were not normal blondies. They were deceptively sweet and peanut buttery and rich, with the perfect touch of crumbliness. They were also...wait for it...

Ridiculously. Healthy.

And the best part? No one even knew. Because they were Stealth Blondies. Secrets to be revealed on Friday.

Along with stories of fireworks on the freeway.

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