Monster Monday & a Staten Island Sunset

In national news, Hurricane Irene hung out on the East Coast this weekend. She threw a big fit and caused some floods. A few downed trees. You know.

In personal news, the little Jersey suburb in which I reside was barely grazed. Our preparations included flashlights, bottled water and dry goods beer, popcorn and wine. Several of my friends have been left without power, faced with the choice to remain in trapped their homes or brave the rapids flowing past their front doors; this humble abode, however, survived entirely unscathed.

Brighter weekend highlights included a visit to New York's most under-appreciated borough for a reunion with a rabbit and a writer. The sunsets are gorgeous without all those skyscrapers in the way.

This has been a weekend of savoring the sweet little moments. An ice cream cone on the boardwalk. A cup of tea with friends around a worn kitchen table. A hand-illustrated card from home.

And of course, a bunch of quality time with this guy.


  1. I love those photos. What camera do you use? How did you get them arranged like that?

  2. Thank you so much, Halley! I use a good ol' Nikon D60, and for the layout, I created a template in Photoshop. Then I was able to insert the photos there and upload them all at once! I used the same one here: http://bit.ly/oIoYvo


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