"Not me" moments

File under "Shit I Don't Normally Do":

Then file under "Reasons It Was Worth It":
  • Ha Ha Tonka, Cory Chisel and Murder By Death all killed it. The rock-out was continuous for three solid hours (thanks, great music + tequila-spiked coffee).
  • Glutinous rice flour looks hilarious before it's molded into mochi. Imagine microwaving The Blob, then smothering it in flour.
  • My reading nook looks so fucking cool. All I want to do upon coming home is lie on the floor and bask in this birdcage light.
  • The new dress rocks. It's comfortable, it matches my shoes, it makes me feel saucy.

Sometimes it's nice to shake things up a little.

Give me two things you're doing this week that aren't the typical "you." And hey--let me know how it works out, would ya?


  1. After a beach trip Sunday, I've decided to spend as much time as possible by the lake before it gets too cold (if it ever gets cold again lol). On this week's agenda: go running at the beach after work.

  2. Gesina - I KNOW. GAAAUGH.

    Lisha - Truuue story. I'm making as many beach trips as possible while the weather's still enjoyable. Let me know how running goes! Do you run on sand or are there pathways available?

  3. I am going to be retro this weekend and have a Pajama Sunday, like I did back in college. Basically I will wear pjs all day and eat pancakes. House project of the week: make curtains.

  4. You're back!!! Hooray! And now I've slipped off the side of the earth haha. Not really, but sorta really.

    Things I don't usually do and how it's working out for me?
    Hmmm... well I don't usually drive (as in I only got my license a couple of months ago. Yes, I know I'm 30) but I've been quite the taxi service lately. It's been working out really well! I'm looking forward to taking some leisurely "just driving for the hell of it" trips instead of, "hurry up we've got to get to your appointment!" trips.

  5. Meghan - Was the pajama + pancake Sunday what led to all those envy-inducing breakfast-all-day tweets yesterday? Yum.

    Selise - Congrats on the license! Aaagh, driving just to drive = BEST. I'm without a car where I currently live, but the first thing I'm doing when I visit home in a few weeks is getting in my old car and tearing up the highway. Cannot wait.


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