What happened, pt. II

Confused about what happened to begin with? This should help. For those who already know what's up, onward ho!


When I'd said I was recognized for what I'd been doing at WSOU, I didn't quite get to the important part: I was fucking floored. As the host (in a line of many great previous ones) of a weekly 3-hour indie show on what is primarily a metal only college station, I really didn't imagine I had any more than approximately seven listeners. Apparently, though, someone really was tuning in. I remember standing at the podium, accepting a giant neon green poster, babbling (nearly blubbering) with shock, telling a roomful of colleagues and potential employers to call in that coming Sunday night, where I'd be taking all their requests and nursing a hangover.

#ForeverClassy #HashtagsInBlogPosts

The weekend as a whole was a blur--a chilly, crowded, tipsy, sleep-deprived, music-filled, incredible blur--and to relive every detail would be overkill. What I will say, though, is that I met dozens of cool people from across the continent, exchanged cards like a magician and eventually sent my resume, as per outside suggestion, to my very favorite music marketing company.

Who actually did call me back.

Gratitude list 07.18
  1. My department will be promoting the new record from one of my first-loved bands; we just found out on Monday. Is it super-hip and trendy to love these guys? Eeeeh. Am I crazy about them anyway and so full of respect for their philanthropic movements? Absolutely.
  2. Air conditioning is the bomb.
  3. The guy at the farmers' market gave me a free sample of spicy mango. Holy shit, you guys.
  4. Pugly Pixel is THE greatest resource when it comes to Photoshop freebies and quick CSS tutorials. Plus, Katrina is just adorable.
  5. I received a surprise package in the mail this week: someone sent me an Intro to Guitar book! I'll soon be able to make La Calabacita sing (after her tuners are replaced).

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