Scratching the Travel Bug bites

I took a little trip this weekend.

Pardon the grainy texture--I took this over the sleeping window-seat guy's shoulder.

It was a quick jaunt to the small-but-feisty Athens, GA. The weather was hotter, the drinks were cheaper and the pace, thank deity of choice, was blessedly slower.

Not that derogatory bass-akwards, slow-as-molasses kind of slow. Just a laid back, enjoying-the-moment variety.

(L) Touring one of my Athens-based stations; (R) Sporting their swag back in the office

This was my first solo work trip (thanks, upper management!)--proposed, planned and executed by moi (except for the post-trip drink companion). And for so many reasons, it was a weekend full of awesome. Faces were put to names that I normally only see via email. Those typically known as "competitors" confirmed their true nature as compadres. All kinds of new friends were made.

There was music (so much music) and kickball and dancing and food (so much food) and plenty of general debauchery.

Photo Cred: Twin Hearts Photography

It was so. hard. to go back to work this morning. If I wasn't as crazy about my job and the fellow weirdos that sit in the back office with me, I probably would have just skipped the return flight. Because as much as I love Jersey City (read: a lot) and the excitement that this area has to offer...

I know that this is not my final destination.
And that I'm just storing my belongings in hotel drawers while my suitcase takes a breather.


  1. Hey, Halley! Thanks, so appreciated :) Feels great to be back.


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